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Top 10 Football Shirt Sponsorship Deals in 2022

What are the top football shirt sponsorship deals in 2022?

Here is the list of most valuable football shirt sponsorship deals, in order of AAV (average annual value).

#1: Real Madrid and Emirates

First up is Real Madrid’s deal with Emirates. Their previous deal ran until 2022 but a new deal has recently been signed until 2026.

Real Madrid has had various sponsorship deals with Emirates since 2011, and in that time the club has won 22 trophies, including 5 Championship Leagues.

As well as Emirates appearing on their shirts, the Real Madrid team enjoys flying with Emirates throughout the world, especially to the Middle East.

The financial details of their new deal to 2026 have not yet been released, but the deal to sponsor Real Madrid’s shirts until 2022 came to a total of $413 million over 5 years, averaging $82.5 million every year.

#2: Manchester United and TeamViewer

Manchester United agreed a deal with TeamViewer in 2021, that will last 5 years. The total value of the deal is $325 million, averaging $64.9 million annually.

Germany-based TeamViewer is one of Europe’s fastest-growing software companies. With a global reach, TeamViewer has been installed on over 2.5 billion devices and has nearly 600,000 subscribers.

#3: Barcelona and Rakuten

Barcelona and Tokyo-based Rakuten signed a deal in 2016, totalling $324 million over 5 years, giving an annual average of $64.8 million.

This existing contract ends in 2022, with Barcelona signing a new 4-year sponsorship deal with Swedish audio giant Spotify to start the 2022/23 season.

#4: Paris Saint-Germain and Accor

Accor initially signed a shirt sponsorship deal with Paris Saint-Germain for a total of $171 million over 3 years, averaging $57 million a year.

Those 3 years have now come to an end, and a new 4-year deal has been struck, whereby Accor will be visible on the sleeve of the Paris Saint-Germain training jersey. The new partnership will feature ALL - which stands for Accor Live Limitless, a daily lifestyle companion which brings together all the brands operating within the Accor ecosystem.

#5: Arsenal and Emirates

Emirates has had a sponsorship deal with Arsenal since 2004. Their current deal is worth $280 million over 5 years and is due to end in 2025. That’s an annual average of $56 million.

Arsenal has won 3 Premier League titles and 13 FA Cups.

As well as sponsoring Arsenal’s shirts, Emirates also holds the naming rights to Arsenal’s home ground in North London, the 60,000-seat Emirates Stadium. This deal extends until 2028.

#6: Liverpool and Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered’s relationship with Liverpool started in 2010 and their partnership will have lasted 17 seasons. The current 4-year deal of $221 million runs until 2027, working out as an annual average of $55.3 million.

Standard Chartered became only the fifth company to appear on Liverpool's strip, and their new agreement includes sponsorship of LFC Women.

#7: Chelsea and Three

In March 2022, the UK Government imposed sanctions on Chelsea FC’s previous ownership, which caused a pause in Three’s marketing activities with the club.

The current 3-year deal of $166 million takes the partnership up to 2023, and works out as an annual average of $55.2 million.

Marketing activity has since resumed, and the Three logo has been approved for use on the 2022/23 Chelsea kit.

#8: Juventus and Jeep (FCA)

Jeep will continue to be sponsors of Serie A club Juventus’ team shirts until 2024, with a deal totalling $159 million. Over 3 years, this averages $53.1 million per year, bringing this deal in at eighth overall.

The Jeep logo first appeared on the Juventus strip in 2012 and they have enjoyed a partnership ever since.

#9: Tottenham and AIA

The Asia-Pacific life insurance group AIA has continued their relationship with Tottenham with a deal worth $400 million over 8 years. This averages $50 million a year.

AIA stands for American International Assurance Company and was founded in Shanghai. It is now based in Hong Kong and operates in 18 countries worldwide.

#10: Bayern Munich and Deutsch Telekom (T-Mobile)

Last on our list is the deal between Bayern Munich and Deutsch Telekom, which comes in at number 10.

Deutsch Telekom (T-Mobile’s parent company) has had a successful relationship with Bayern Munich for over 20 years, and they are in a current partnership worth a total of $283 million. This agreement over 8 years takes them to 2027 at an average of $35.4 million a year.

Since 2002, the telecommunications company has been a visible presence throughout the club, from the main shirt sponsor, to advertising boards at the Allianz Arena. Also, FC Bayern TV was the first 24-hour television channel dedicated to a German football club.

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