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Sector Spotlight: RRG Shows Rotation from Discretionary to Energy

This episode of StockCharts TV's Sector Spotlight is dedicated to a review of the current state of sector rotation in both asset classes and sectors. At Asset Class level, the rotations for the USD and its digital counterpart Bitcoin are worth a closer look as both are showing interesting technical developments. At sector level, the main takeaway is that many sectors are reaching resistance levels and so far have not been able to break these barriers. The exception is the Energy sector, which broke to new highs and seems to be attracting money from the Consumer Discretionary sector, which is close to breaking relative support.

This video was originally broadcast on November 15, 2022. Click anywhere on the Sector Spotlight logo above to view on our dedicated Sector Spotlight page, or click this link to watch on YouTube. You can also check out the video on the StockCharts TV on-demand website, or on the associated app on mobile platforms like iOS and Android, or TV platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast.

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