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Web3 Task’s hot token is available. Don’s miss it

Web3 Task’s hot token is available. Don’s miss it

Web3 Task’s hot token is available. Don’s miss it


Web3 Task is a cryptocurrency-based freelance marketplace. The team has created it exclusively for web 3.0 services. This platform helps employers and freelancers make deals with cryptocurrency payments. The company aims to solve the transaction problem between a buyer and a freelancer currently existing in a traditional marketplace.

Moreover, the company launched its trending native token on December 27, 2022. The total supply of W3T tokens is 300 Million, but only some percentage is available at this stage. The Web3 Task platform supports a range of popular coins on BNB Chain and Ethereum, including W3T. The company provides fast and efficient service, ensuring that customers and freelancers reach a consensus easily. Besides, customers can use the platform anywhere worldwide. The time or distance is no longer a problem.

The company noted that freelancers and customers would get a lot of extra benefits when they make a deal with the W3T platform. For instance, they will enjoy lower transaction fees, more security, and faster settlements. Web3 Task also plans to add new features in the coming months. These improvements will make the platform even more convenient and user-friendly for users.


What does TV Installation offer? 

TV Installation is another successful project that attracted investors’ attention. The company launched its ICO sale on October 19, 2022. It will end on February 26, 2023. The team created this organization to help people take advantage of their amusement programs.

The company offers to help customers find the best spot for their TVs and utilize the area where they set it to develop a more comforting atmosphere.

Families will enjoy this service greatly as it brings more comfort and enjoyment to their homes. Moreover, the company offers to hang customers’ TVs on the wall for them. It’s especially convenient for families with little children, as they won’t be able to topple the TV from its stand.

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