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INC token is in the spotlight. What about PVK and FLOR? 

INC token is in the spotlight. What about PVK and FLOR?

INC token is in the spotlight. What about PVK and FLOR?


The INC token offers exciting opportunities. It combines the qualities of the Polygon blockchain with cutting-edge new technology. The founder team aims to incentivize content creators and users and provide them with various ways to profit in the process.

The company launched the INC token on January 1, 2023. The sale will end on March 31, 2023. The total supply of coins is 100000000000, but only some percentage is available at this stage. Incentive (INC) is an ERC-20 token that will function as both a utility and governance coin for the project. The company plans to use various incentives to promote cooperation and collaboration and enable people to work more effectively and save time.

Moreover, the team has built INC on Polygon, which has many advantages compared to other blockchains, including transaction speed, lower gas fees, and so on. It has also created INC Survey. The latter is a survey protocol that enables the company to create a questionnaire and ask customers various appropriate questions to collect ideas and opinions. In addition, it will promote the brand and enables users to receive rewards in exchange for their collaboration.

The Incentive team believes that surveys are very important for businesses. A clear understanding of customer needs will enable the companies to offer the right products and grow in the process. There are many aspects to consider. For example, users can do a survey to measure customer satisfaction. That shows whether they provided good service. Besides, employers can survey the level of employee engagement and, if necessary, find ways to encourage them to be more active. In any case, obtained data will give users valuable insights and help them to create their business plans accordingly.


What About The Incentive Platform’s Features?

The team decided to use blockchain technology as the base for its platform. After all, it is one of the most advanced products on the market. Many believe that the future belongs to the blockchain as it brings decentralization, security, and transparency. The Incentive platform will have a good interface and advanced navigation system. The company also aims to provide a high-level security system and transparent environment.

Additionally, Incentive will offer: Validate surveys – the platform will check the parameters entered by the survey owner to ensure that they meet all requirements; Validate participation: the company will also check each response by using the corresponding validator (the survey owner indicates the latter); Low fees – users can recover the remaining budget and gas reserve after ending the survey; Good rewards: after the platform validates and registers the survey, the user will receive their reward immediately in their Wallet.

Besides, this platform allows customers to participate even without gas. That means they won’t need to have MATIC tokens in their Wallet. Instead, clients can delegate transactions to the INC Relayer module. The latter will use the gas reserve provided by the survey owner.


What Is Privok, And How Does It Work?

Privok Green Energy is another successful project. This is one of the first companies worldwide planning to launch green energy and Electric Vehicle charging station tokens. The team started the initial coin offering on January 10, 2023. The sale will end on January 23, 2023. The PVK token is quite high-ranking on various ICO listing platforms. Its total supply is 21,000,000,000. According to the team, only 70% will be available for purchase. 10% is set aside for team members, another 10% will go to future stakeholders, and 10% is for private investors.

This company uses windmill-based renewable green energy. Currently, it uses 3MW power-generating capacity windmills. The team is planning to expand up to 46.4MW at the initial stage. It wants to raise funds to achieve that goal. That’s why the company decided to launch the PVK token. It will offer investors various incentives.

Privok wants to take its place among a few similar companies already successfully using renewable green energy tokens on the crypto market. The team chooses the Ethereum blockchain as the base of its coin. That’s a good choice, considering that Ethereum boasts one of the most innovative transmission systems around the globe. PVK token will symbolize energy production.

Typically, governments buy all windmill-generated powers from various green energy producers. Afterward, private organizations purchase those energies from government contracts as green energy unit price is considerably low compared to regular energy unit prices.

However, thanks to Privok’s renewable energy ICO, sustainable energy producers will have an opportunity to trade directly with green energy buyers. Thus, they can increase capital by selling more energy at below market price. The company will ensure that there is a legally binding agreement between buyers and energy producers.


FLOR Token Is Still Trending. Don’s Miss It

Florester Carbon Credit token has attracted investors’ attention thanks to its interesting roadmap and experienced team. The company launched the ICO sale on January 10, 2022. Currently, 1 FLOR is trading for 0.05 USD, but its price will likely increase after the initial coin offering ends. The total supply of tokens is 720000000, but only some percentage is available at this stage. The platform accepts BTC and LTC in exchange for FLOR.

The Florester Carbon Credit team aims to develop solutions to help fight global warming with the carbon credit market. Climate change becomes more important every day as our actions encourage the process.

The company has interesting ideas. It wants to assign value to Greenhouse Gases and penalize those companies or businesses that emit more Greenhouse Gases than the allocated quota. At the same time, the platform will reward the users who emit less GHG. The team believes it will be possible to correct current market failures by pricing GHG emissions.

The Florester Carbon Credit wants to aid our planet and its inhabitants. It plans to reduce the greenhouse effect and hinder global warming significantly. FLOR is both a currency and an environmental platform. This website will provide credit operations for individuals and companies.

Furthermore, the FLOR coin will enable its holders to incorporate carbon offsetting into smart contracts and empower them to take full custody through the company’s Wallet.


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