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NFT Paintings Introduced Its Hot Token NFTPT

NFT Paintings introduced its hot token NFTPT

NFT Paintings Introduced Its Hot Token NFTPT


NFT Paintings is an exciting platform that offers customers an opportunity to buy art pieces that are also cryptocurrencies. The company also created a virtual NFT gallery where people can examine various collections and choose the most appealing creations. Besides the good chance to acquire something wonderful, this platform enables users to invest money wisely.

More and more people view art as a great business opportunity. Investing in non-fungible tokens has already proved to be lucrative. Paintings such as “Wymiana” or “Salvator Mundi, are worth billions of dollars. Moreover, their value constantly increases.

The Defi world offers users such ways to make money that were incomprehensible decades ago. But it is now our new reality. Investors can earn money by simply possessing a digital painting, and they gain other benefits in the process. Every work of art is unique, which is true for digital pieces. Each NFT is one of a kind. And creators ensure that they remain that way by using high-level security measures. That is what the blockchain is known for, after all.

NFT Paintings is one of the first companies worldwide to offer unique opportunities when it comes to investing in valuable paintings. While it’s not the first one to try providing such a service, other companies faced many obstacles along the way. One of them is credibility. Many owners had to wonder whether the painting hanging over the fireplace or found in the attic was a lost work of Claude Monet or just a souvenir from a trip abroad.

Moreover, the previous owner sold “Salvator Mundi” for less than 1000 USD, but now its value is more than 450 million USD. Sometimes, both collectors and art examiners need help to determine whether the painting is authentic or not.


What Are The Other Problems That The Industry Is Facing?

Authenticity is another big problem. And what about the pricing? How can we ensure that the piece is worth the price asked? It all comes to experts’ evaluations, but not all of them are candid. Besides, high-priced artwork always attracts scammers. For instance, the value of Picasso’s painting – „Les Femmes d’Alger” is 180 million dollars. Scam artists often attempt to create good copies and sell them as originals. History knows many such cases when the copies were done so well that even professional examiners couldn’t ascertain that they were fabricated.

There are easier ways for white-collar criminals to sell copies of famous artwork, though. They usually create a counterfeit and then forge expertise and a certificate of authenticity. Such documents can give the fraudster a fortune while the buyer suffers a gigantic loss. And while most avid collectors know the ins and outs of the art world, not all investors or art lovers are so well-informed. Such buyers can easily become the victims of scams.

Furthermore, the prices of paintings are constantly increasing. That means the threat coming from dishonest sellers is growing as investors stand to lose so much more. NFT Paintings aims to prevent that, though. This company offers customers a chance to purchase artworks whose authenticity is confirmed by digital non-fungible tokens.


How Does The NFT Token Work?


How Does The NFT Token Work?

NFTs or non-fungible tokens represent various art pieces or other digital collectibles. Each NFT is one of a kind, without a duplicate. It’s unique and secured with blockchain technology to ensure its authenticity.

NFTs may represent various things, including a racing horse, an antique car, or a painted work of art. One non-fungible token means only one specific thing. For example, while many pairs of gloves are manufactured, a plaster cast of your hand will always reflect only your hand. NFTs work similarly.

Investors see these tokens as “digital resources,” but they are represented as a sequence of characters in the physical world. Even though NFTs aren’t exactly cryptocurrencies, they work similarly. They are solutions created in blockchain technology, but each token is unique, unlike cryptos. Traders can exchange one BTC for another, and such a transaction will be fair without any losses or gains. However, that’s different in the case of NFTs, except when the tokens have the same value. But even then, the pieces represented by these tokens will be different.

Besides being unique, non-fungible tokens have other advantages. Thus far, blockchain is the only technology known to humans that cannot be forged or changed. Its security is superior to all other systems. Government, hackers, or anyone else simply can’t control its distributed database. That means the NFT token is the only worldwide giving a 100% guarantee that it is original. It’s not changeable and cannot be copied.


What About The NFTPT Token’s Ico Sale?

Most Defi platforms rely on investors’ funds for development. NFT Paintings isn’t an exception. Its team has great aspirations, but the company needs to develop its platform first to achieve its goals. Besides, it aims to attract many customers and become one of the most popular virtual galleries around the globe. The company decided to offer customers its own native utility token – NFTPT, which will give its owners various advantages.

The team launched the ICO sale on January 16, 2023. It will end on January 17, 2023. NFTPT is a BEP-20 token. Its price will be 0.002 USD during the initial coin offering. The platform aims to raise $50,000 at this stage. While the total supply of tokens is 100,000,000,000, only 25% is available for purchase at this stage. NFT Paintings accepts USDT in exchange for its native coins.

The company aims to open the way and create opportunities for everyone who wishes to acquire valuable artwork. The team works hard to create a marketplace. It will soon introduce digital paintings in its art gallery. Thanks to this platform, collectors can become owners of the most known works of art exhibited in the most prestigious museums.

In addition, customers can be sure that each piece represented in the gallery has received confirmation of authenticity in the form of a digital non-fungible token. As such, certificates are based on the most advanced cryptographic mechanisms, which means the artworks are 100% authentic.



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