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Codyfight’s native token, CTOK, is trending. Don’t miss it 

Codyfight’s native token, CTOK, is trending. Don’t miss it

Codyfight’s native token, CTOK, is trending. Don’t miss it


Codyfight is a great gaming platform. It introduced an innovative AI vs. Human competition metaverse that goes beyond simple gaming. Thanks to this platform, players can now use their skills by coding, playing, hosting custom games, and drawing. They will also earn cryptocurrency rewards.

The team plans to launch its native utility token CTOK in January 2023. The price of this ERC20 coin will be 0.08 USD during the ICO sale. However, its value will likely increase after the initial coin offering ends. The company aims to raise 2,540,000 at this stage. The total supply of tokens is 127,000,001, but only some percentage will be available for purchase.

Codyfight aims to create a new business model in the gaming industry. It wants to enable different types of players to create and engage in a game that integrates AI as a core trait of its ecosystem. The company will also offer various opportunities for gaining money. Codyfight introduced a brand-new world of expression and creativity for different types of people. Gamers, artists, developers, collectors, community leaders, and investors will find this project interesting.

The team based its platform on blockchain technology. It plans to use the Create2Earn business model. This relatively new venture provides great opportunities for Defi users. The latter will enjoy the unlimited possibilities of ownership of assets. In addition, people will have a chance to create in-game features and join the competitive leagues.

Besides, the project has an Artificial Intelligence (AI) option. The team integrated it smoothly throughout the gameplay, thus, opening a space for both developers and players to generate rewards with AI bot farms. Through the deployment of autonomous, intelligent Codyfighters, developers can rent AI code, create gaming guilds, or manage other participants’ robots for a fee.


How Does The Codyfight Platform Work?

This competitive RPG AI coding web-based game uses a turn-based strategy. The team compares it to a chess game for programmers. Moreover, a user will control a battle-ready robot called Codyfighter. The latter is the main character in the game. But the robot is paired with a second entity. Attached to a ranking system, it’s called Operator. According to the team, each player can own multiple Codyfighters, each uniquely named. The same goes for Operators, each comes with individual rankings, and you can choose how many to use.

Gamers will earn various rewards through competitive fighting. Players will also gain if they successfully face challenges and mini-games. The team wants to revolutionize gaming so that not only humans can participate in this game. With Codyfight, customers can easily develop AI bots. They can use any programming language to control their robots. That is a great advantage.

This platform provides an inclusive and immersive experience for various players. It has only one requirement to engage in the game – users have to own a crypto wallet. But users don’t have to pay entrance fees upon registration.

Furthermore, the default Codyfighter and a CKey are free for any user. But the platform grants each additional CKey (additional robot) via subscription. Players can also acquire Codyfighters in several various ways. For instance, gamers can purchase the robots on the NFT official shop or from other players in the marketplace. They can also trade or earn them through in-game achievements.

In traditional games, a player must engage continuously with the game to advance. However, Codyfight enables users to avoid this by deploying smart AI bots. The latter play autonomously. Thanks to such a system, developers can benefit by selling or renting such robots to other players.


What Is Codyfight’s Mission? 

What Is Codyfight’s Mission?

The company aims to create exciting challenges and fun for Humans and AI via immersive gameplay. It will offer balanced competition, a friendly community, and great rewards. The team wants to blur the line between Humans and AI. It will also focus on the community. Active members will be able to profit from organizing tournaments and championships. They can also host custom creative games and Leagues.

This platform plans to inflict a rupture in the Play2Earn scene. It started changing the paradigm from P2E (play to earn) to an innovative model – C2E (create to earn) to achieve that goal. Moreover, this project avoids repetitive tasks in-game and instead shifts the attention to rewards according to performance.

The current gaming industry faces many problems, such as limited places for people to P2E, unfair rewards, lack of creative community contributions, programmers being neglected in gaming, the lack of AI in modern games, and so on.


What About The Gameplay?

On the Codyfight platform, human and AI players will face each other. They will use Codyfighters in this immersive, dynamic, and complex metagame. Players can maintain command of their in-game actions through the keyboard, code, or touch control. However, they will need three main assets to be able to participate in the game. According to the team, these items will be available on the platform and its marketplace. Users can also purchase additional ones in Codyfight’s official shop.

Codyfight is a highly competitive game. It enables gamers to participate in multiple competitive systems. The company stated that each one is constructed through different elements. Thus, players must use their logical skills to succeed and win the battles. Besides, leagues have different ranking systems and various conditions that allow a rank up or down. Performance metrics also differ.

Gamers can access matches in different Leagues through the deployment of their robots. They can also get a Free Pass. Users can renew Free Passes daily but only use them until a certain rank. Moreover, CTickets allow users to participate in battles. Players can exchange them in the marketplace.

The team thinks that ranks will prove to be a valuable system. It will help to categorize and create balanced gameplay for participants. A dynamic ranking system will allow the company to integrate players’ recent performance. That implies that gamers need to be consistent to maintain their standings on the leaderboards. Besides, the platform offers rewards based on the player’s rank. As a result, higher-ranked players will earn more from their victory than low-ranked ones.


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