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Superpower Squad launched its hot token SQUAD. Don’t miss it

Superpower Squad launched its hot token SQUAD. Don't miss it

Superpower Squad launched its hot token SQUAD. Don’t miss it


Superpower Squad is a new immersive game with great graphics and advanced features. The team based this superhero-themed eSport mobile game on blockchain technology. The game focuses on various activities. The company used the elements like MOBA, Roguelike, RPG, and various social features to design it.

Moreover, players can choose their characters from 26 unique heroes and equip the chosen ones with 48 weapons, various ornaments, and skins. They will be able to optimize their battle gears easily. The platform offers gameplay for both solo players and squads. Gamers can choose whether to perform the tasks solo or join forces with other players. Either way, the winners will get great rewards.

The company intergraded an email-to-wallet solution into the platform, along with a User Generated Content (UGC) tool. In addition, the team decided to offer lower learning costs for web2 gamers. It aims to build a community-driven marketplace and provide its customers with an optimal web3 gaming experience.

Superpower Squad launched its native utility token on December 15, 2022. SQUAD is a BEP-20 token, and its price is 0.035 USD during the initial coin offering. The company wants to raise $875,000 with the sale. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000, but only 11% is available at this stage. The platform accepts USDT in exchange for SQUAD.


How will the Superpower Squad develop in the future?

This project started in 2019. A team of passionate game developers planned to challenge the traditional mobile gaming market by introducing Superpower Squad. This game boasts high-quality gameplay, as well as unique in-house content. The team draws inspiration from classical tales and various cultures, aspiring to create exciting and immersive superhero stories. It wanted to attract gamers and gather strong squads to battle the unknown.

Superpower Squad became popular in gaming circles soon after its launch. However, the company decided to achieve even more success. In 2021, the design studio met with native cryptocurrency partners to discuss the benefits of decentralization and asset transparency. As the values of the two teams aligned, Superpower Squad began working towards a new goal – it wanted to revolutionize the Web3 gaming industry.

Unfortunately, that’s a challenging feat. According to the company, the first serious challenge was to change the fading trust in the gaming industry. After the concept of GameFi appeared, many gaming platforms have focused mainly on the “Fi” aspect. But the Superpower Squad team needs to identify its game with the GameFi label. The latter often comes with a careless game economy, and this platform stands above that. The company believes that a good GameFi product should follow its genre. It pointed out that “Game” must come before “Fi.”

Furthermore, the team built its platform with community-driven principles. It wants to encourage players to adopt the traditional gaming culture while benefiting from new blockchain technology. After all, Web2 gaming has used the concept of digit assets for a long time: characters discover or create the assets and even exchange them on the in-game markets. But such games still have many shortcomings, and Web3 gaming aims to overcome them.


Superpower Squad launched its hot token SQUAD. Don't miss it

How will the blockchain help?

Blockchain technology enables players to own their in-game digital assets fully. That’s a great advantage. Players can own every asset and combination by formatting all digital assets as NFTs (nun-fungible tokens). However, NFTs are unique. Each one comes with its own code. Thus, it’s impossible to duplicate or copy them.

Moreover, gamers can create these assets themselves. Superpower Squad allows them to draw custom maps in Minecraft and craft other items. The community will have many incentives to actively participate in trading on the platform’s own marketplace that recognizes creative values.

The team also wants to attract as many players as possible. It envisions realizing the blockchain and NFT values in the broader gaming space. The company designed the reward mechanism to accomplish the onboarding of traditional gamers. Players will earn great prizes by accomplishing various tasks in the game.

In addition, the crypto team developed innovative technology. Thanks to it, the company will store and distribute cryptocurrency assets effortlessly. Web2 users sometimes need clarification on the concept of blockchain. Traditional gamers can only adapt to Defi technology after learning about it beforehand. But the Superpower Squad platform offers materials to learn about Web3 before embarking on this game.


What about the project’s other features?

The company offers Contract wallets along with a great gaming platform. These are wallets enabled by smart contracts. As such, they provide special functionality. In Superpower Squad, the contract wallet allows customers to create a wallet with their email addresses.

According to the team, the player’s device will generate a private key. The latter will act as a mnemonic phrase (a.k.a. key phrase) that will activate the contract wallet. The platforms will email the user to verify their identity and authorize their device. The team stores the wallet’s public key in the smart contract, while the private key is in the user’s device. The private key and key phrase are not visible, though.

Moreover, the company stated that SPS would use the DKIM contract to help players verify their identity with their email addresses. Each device can generate a private key, but multiple private keys can be associated with one wallet. While this system offers top-notch security, accidents happen. Thus, if a customer loses their device, they can delete and remove the device authorization after verifying their identity with their email.

Superpower Squad also allows in-app purchases, which is another great advantage. Players can recharge tokens and purchase NFTs directly with Google Play Store and Apple App Store. That’s not all, though. Metacube (user-generated content (UGC) tool) is one more advanced feature that the platform provides. Customers can use it to create NFT play modes with the SPS foundation.

This tool lets players define rules and modify maps and assets. The interface is easy to navigate. In fact, it requires zero to minimum coding experience.


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