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Meta Masters Guild is in the spotlight. Why’s that?

Meta Masters Guild

Meta Masters Guild Is In The Spotlight. Why’s That?


The Meta Masters Guild is a new promising project. It enables customers to collaborate with leading gaming developers on multiple gaming projects. The company encourages a common theme and an emphasis on producing fun and immersive Play2Earn games. It also focuses on the mobile gaming market for now. However, the team might encompass web platforms more broadly in the future.

Moreover, Meta Masters Guild launched its native utility token – MEMAG, which is currently very high-ranking on the various ICO listing platforms. The total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000, but only some percentage will be available for purchase during the initial coin offering. The platform will accept ETH and USDT in exchange for MEMAG.

According to the team, the Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is the first mobile-focused web3 gaming guild worldwide. It aims to build Blockchain integrated mobile games that will offer high-quality products and form a decentralized gaming ecosystem. Besides, the company will allow its members to earn great rewards in exchange for contributing to the ecosystem.

All games on the MMG ecosystem will use the Meta Masters Guild token ($MEMAG), though. So, customers will need to purchase them to enjoy the experience fully. Furthermore, all MMG titles will have in-game rewards. The team calls them “Gems.” Players can convert these rewards into MEMAG tokens. Afterward, they can either cash out or reinvest in the ecosystem in various ways.

The team designed its system in such a way as to incentivize gamers to invest both their time and money into the ecosystem. MMG will ensure that they are fairly compensated for their investment.


How Can Users Purchase The MEMAG Tokens?

Users will need to open their own crypto wallet to get started. The platform offers them to download the MetaMask wallet from the official MetaMask site if they don’t already have one. On mobile, they can also use Wallet Connect and connect one of the supported wallets. After a player finishes setting up their wallet, they can link it to the Meta Masters Guild and purchase tokens. After the presale ends, players can claim their tokens on the MMG claim page.

The company offers three options to purchase its tokens. If users want to buy MEMAG with ETH, they can simply enter how many tokens they want to buy or how much ETH they want to swap. However, they will need to confirm the transaction and the gas cost.

The second option is to buy the tokens with USDT. The drill is the same, though. Customers should enter how much MEMAG they want to buy or swap and confirm the transaction and the gas cost. They must ensure that they have enough ETH to cover gas costs.

While the Meta Masters Guild is a relatively new project, it has already attracted investors’ attention. This project has strong potential. It boasts an experienced team and a well-developed roadmap.


How Can Users Purchase The MEMAG Tokens? 

What Is The Counos Platform, And Why Is It Trending?

Counos Coin CSC Int. is not a typical ICO company. Thus, it doesn’t need any investors. Instead, the team introduced one of the safest and fastest cryptos in the world. Moreover, people are already using this currency in the real business world.

The founder team established the Counos Platform in 2018. Its headquarters are in Switzerland. The company offers many services in the domain of cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain. Its main goal is to establish an economic community based on this technology so that its members can use it to their advantage.

Ultimately, the team strives to create a large network of decentralized systems, gathering all the power within various communities, individuals, and economies in one place. Besides, with globalization, the borders are diminishing. Counos Platform hopes that people from all around the globe will engage in financial affairs and create wealth and value, despite their nationality and cultural and geographic borders.

However, all of this will be possible thanks to the large community and club that will connect the people with each other and give them various opportunities and advanced tools to succeed in the markets. Blockchain technology offers many advantages that can fundamentally change the financial world over time. The process has already begun.

Counos Platform offers its customers various cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and online financial services. It also enables people to participate in safer global financial trades and invest in the digital market.

Furthermore, this Blockchain platform also provides various other services, including Counos Web Wallet, Counos Escrow, Counos Decentralized Exchange (Counos DEX), Counos Mobile Wallet, and Counos Payment Gateway.


How Will The Company Develop Its Platform?

The team noted that it plans to create different tools and utilities to offer customers a safer and larger economic system. The company will add tools and utilities such as a certificate issuance system, an election system, and many others shortly. These features enable customers to generate even more wealth. However, they will need to purchase the platform’s native utility tokens to enjoy its benefits fully.

Counos Platform launched its token CCA on June 30, 2018. The sale will end on July 30, 2025. This coin is very high-ranking on various ICO listing platforms. CCA operates within a completely independent network, and it’s very secure. This coin aims to provide the highest standards from a reliability perspective for payments and financial transactions around the globe. Users will also be able to use Counos Coin as one of the currencies in the company’s club.

In addition, people can use CCA for the services offered in the club. According to the team, the platform’s account can even act as a decentralized bank. Users can purchase these tokens and deposit them in their accounts like a bank account. Afterward, they can transfer or exchange their tokens or buy other goods and services with them.

Counos Coin is much more convenient to use than other similar digital coins. The team believes that the demand for CCA will increase substantially in the future. People might soon start demanding these coins for their goods and services or purchase them to exchange for other tokens.


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