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What Are Blockchain, VR and Artificial Intelligence?


What Are Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, And Blockchain?


They are all challenging issues that attract plenty of people. The terms might have come up casually, you might have seen them in a headline, or you might be hearing them for the first time right now.

These phrases are so pervasive that we must educate ourselves on them to be informed and enquiring global citizens. However, because everything is so new, there needs to be more understanding of the language and what it all means.

But first, we need to look at another technology that has been there for centuries: the book. Only then can we start to understand the three different technologies. While books are technological marvels in and of themselves, they also serve as useful tools for making complex ideas like virtual reality, blockchain, and AI more approachable.

A book has words on a page, chapters (artificial intelligence), and pages (blockchain) (Virtual Reality). It takes some time to learn how to read and grasp the information offered in books; therefore, not everyone can immediately understand them.

Similar to how they would struggle with the dense information offered by a technical book on artificial intelligence, non-native English speakers may need help understanding a book written in English. The way we live is changing due to blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.



Decentralized AI Is Created By Combining Blockchain And AI



The Marmo MR-04 is a cutting-edge piece of furniture that processes and stores data using blockchain technology. Marmo’s proprietary and patent-pending technology enables customers to satisfy their system’s processing power needs without investing in pricey servers and processors. Thanks to this decentralized technology, massive volumes of data can be processed, and everybody using it can split the revenue from their own personal computer.

A decentralized AI that can learn from its environment and from its users is created by this innovative technology. It can then decide based on information provided by its users, creating a genuinely autonomous AI that can respond more quickly than present technology permits. Due to its decentralized structure, this AI can be used by numerous businesses and people without being under the jurisdiction of a single entity.

This could improve the ability of self-driving automobiles to speak with one another or even enable direct communication between device manufacturers to maximize the use of their products in combination with one another.

Many businesses are looking for an innovative solution to the issue of storing the growing volume of consumer data. Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology are the two key technological advancements being made right now (AI). Many people are unaware that these two fields of technology have been gradually blending over the past few years to produce a new field of technology known as decentralized artificial intelligence (DAI).

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