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LYZI Token Is In The Spotlight. What Does It Offer?

LYZI token is in the spotlight. What does it offer?

LYZI Token Is In The Spotlight. What Does It Offer?


Lyzi is a new promising project offering a tokenized crypto payment and loyalty application. The team created the $LYZI token as the key asset of its ecosystem. It plans to distribute the token via staking and cashback. However, users can also purchase the tokens during the ICO sale. LYZI has many utilities. Investors can use it for payment and as collateral when creating tokenized loyalty points for their brands and other businesses.

The company launched the initial coin offering on January 16, 2023. The sale will end on February 28, 2023. The total supply of LYZI is 550 000 000, but only some percentage is available for purchase at this stage. The platform accepts XTZ, ETH, BTC, TRX, USDT, BUSD, and EURO in exchange for its coins.

The team decided to base the $LYZI on the Tezos blockchain. The latter aims to offer a better security system than ERC20 protocols. It has a self-amending system and uses formal verification for smart contract codes. Besides, this blockchain separates logic and data storage. All of these make it the prime choice for the Lyzi platform.

In addition, Tezos has better power consumption thanks to using an LPoS consensus mechanism. It allows the protocol a far better energy efficiency and allows it to make faster updates. The chain manages the latter with the implementation of self-amending governance. As a result, it avoids hard forks. The LYZI team stated that Tezos was their first choice as it outperforms ETH protocol in speed, security, and usage cost.

This protocol is already deeply anchored into the European and French industrial and corporate ecosystems (such as French Gendarmerie, Exaion, etc.). Considering its vast and growing global ecosystem, Tezos is the best choice for the $LYZI token.


How Will The Company Use Tezos?

The company noted that by using the Tezos blockchain, it would be able to provide $LYZI in an evolving usable, and forward-thinking environment. Besides, it will offer very low fees. Moreover, such a decision won’t make this token stuck on a specific blockchain. Instead, it will be available on various blockchains. However, the team plans to join the Tezos baker community to build $LYZI on this protocol. As a result, it will be able to become part of network security and future evolution.

Lyzi also offers solutions to various problems currently hindering the massive adoption of blockchain technology. The company pointed out that digital assets are hard to use the way people want in the Defi space, not to mention our daily lives. Cryptocurrency space has a long learning curve, but it is also a real brake to massive adoption by its concept and usage. There is also a problem with regulations. Digital assets aren’t available in every country.

Lyzi decided to offer its customers fully regulated products by leaning on cryptocurrency exchanges. The team believes that a crypto payment wallet offers a great opportunity to drive growth. The regulation system and market adoption will help Defi companies evolve and succeed in the markets.

However, first, they must overcome the obstacles that the developers often encounter with crypto payment and the Loyalty 3.0 model.


How Will Lyzi Help To Accelerate Crypto-Adoption?


How Will Lyzi Help To Accelerate Crypto-Adoption?

The company’s main goal is to offer customers product that is easy to use and understand. The team claims that the $LYZI token is the answer to such issues. Furthermore, the project outlined three pillars that will help to achieve massive adoption for mainstream users. These are Payments, Earn, and Charity.

The platform will offer a secure payment system. It will also employ Plug & a play model for merchants and users to make the process more interesting. Digital payment systems have been a holdout of major industrial companies throughout the years. These top-notch firms control the industry. In most cases, individuals and businesses using traditional banking systems have to pay huge fees to move on to Defi products. However, LYZI aims to change that and make Defi more accessible for average users.

The platform will offer various discounts, rewards, and coupons to encourage customers. It wants to incentivize people to use its products daily.

Furthermore, the company will help users to build a powerful earning plan based on the use of blockchain technology. Customers will also be able to use the $LYZI tokens to their advantage. Thanks to this platform, people worldwide will be able to unlock the value of digital assets. They can aggregate all types of digital assets in one single wallet and play with them (swap, buy, sell, and store crypto assets, from NFTs to loyalty points).

As you can already see, crypto and blockchain technology have huge potential. It can lead to powerful and deep changes. Moreover, the blockchain has the power to help people in need. LYZI will participate in charity functions to use this technology to aid people.


What Makes This Platform Stand Out Among Similar Ones?

The team stated that its platform is not competing with existing cryptocurrency players. Instead, it aims to build the biggest crypto merchant acceptance network in the eurozone at first and around the globe for the second time. By achieving this goal, Lyzi will provide users with a new mainstream and attract new customers into the crypto space.

The company wants to become the obvious choice for crypto gamers. It will enable them to make payments with cryptos. Crypto users can have the best experience using their assets via the Lyzi app. The latter will offer customers the “wallet connect” functionality that will allow them to access major exchanges and use their coins directly in the LYZI app.

In addition, the company will aggregate only fully regulated exchanges on its platform. It aims to bring to its customers a range of supported exchange wallets. According to recent surveys, only 4% of the global population owns digital tokens. Lyzi wants to reach the next 96% and create a mainstream adoption.

The company offers other major crypto players a plug-and-play payment alternative. Overall, Lyzi has strong potential. Besides, its native token is very trending. It got a high ranking on various ICO listing platforms.


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