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New Gaming Platform CarrieVerse Offers Its Hot Token

New gaming platform CarrieVerse offers its hot token

New Gaming Platform CarrieVerse Offers Its Hot Token

CarrieVerse is a new Web3 social gaming platform that offers an immersive and exciting experience. The team based its gameplay on “Carrie and Friends.” It also created the platform’s native utility token. The company will launch CVTX’s ICO on January 30, 2023. The sale will end on January 31, 2023, though. The price of 1 CVTX will be 0.07 USD during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise $120,000 with the sale. Even though the total supply of tokens is 1,000,000,000, only 20% will be available for sale at this stage. CVTX is an ERC20 coin and, naturally, offers all advantages of its blockchain.

This metaverse platform is based on blockchain technology. According to the plot, Carrie and her friends live together in an interesting world. Players will be able to participate in various activities and have great experiences. Through the storytelling of Carrie, Kola, and other friends, users can experience various episodes in the metaverse. Whether they study, play games, chat at a café, or go to an amusement park with friends they have made at CarrieVerse, they will enjoy becoming part of this metaverse.

This platform embodies the virtual reality world. In this digital space, endless imagination can easily become a reality. Players will be able to access CarrieVerse through beautiful characters that represent each user’s personality. They will also be able to engage in various social and economic activities and create value in the process. Thus, users can gain funds while playing the game.

What Is CarrieVerse’s Goal? 

The team members wanted to create a space full of vitality and fun vibes where people could socialize and spend time with their family and friends. They believe it’s especially important considering the fragmented relationships in the modern era. CarrieVerse wants to change that and allow people to enjoy some activities with their loved ones. Its family-style metaverse platform will enable the whole family to try various activities and have a great time regardless of age.

Furthermore, the team also created spaces such as schools and classrooms to build a universe capable of education. Thus, this game is mostly fun-based but also provides other values. Anyone can access it easily and quench their thirst for individual expression and self-realization.

In CarrieVerse, players can earn utility tokens by simply playing the game. The platform allows users to showcase their personalities by decorating their avatars. The CarrieVerse is a space where players can reveal their egos with their characteristics, values, personalities, etc. The company also offers a social media (called – SNS) that connects the virtual and real worlds. Users can communicate with other players in the in-game world thanks to the latter.

Gamers from all over the world will be able to use SNS to make new friends. They can also see other players’ accounts and send each other messages. Moreover, users can manage their profiles and express their like for other customers’ profiles. Each user will get popularity rankings, and the latter might even help them get various platform benefits.

What Makes CarrieVerse Stand out Among the Other Similar Platforms? 

The team noted that people often perceive today’s games as a comprehensive multimedia art form. It combines IT technology and entertainment with cultural influence and high economic value. However, the gaming industry faces many obstacles. CarrieVerse believes that blockchain technology is the answer to those problems.

The company wants to maximize the network effect of content by utilizing the metaverse technology and space. The ongoing problem of players’ ownership of in-game items or assets is another big deterrent. However, the team used blockchain to build a digital space where customers can interact and live together in the metaverse while also enjoying playing various games.

The company even implemented Carrieverse in the form of an amusement park. Thus, now members of a diversified family can enjoy delightful content. The platform’s main goal is to improve the quality of user play while also allowing the players to gain friends.

In Carrieverse, players can experience games and content as a socializing or Web 3.0 community. The team also plans to offer services with projects like “Super Cola Tactics.” The latter is a blockchain game where users can enjoy TCG (Trading Card Game. The company will also introduce “Kola From Space” soon. It converts the ‘SuperKola’ IP into non-fungible tokens. Another great product coming is the Carrieverse Wallet.

What About the Company’s Other Products? 

Within the Cling platform, the team will provide an open-world metaverse. The latter will enable gamers to enjoy the ‘life-logging experience’ in various ways. The team wants Carrieverse to become the driving force behind the creation of everyday social activities and interactions by converging the virtual and real world.

This project will create a new ecosystem to integrate the essence of lifelogging gamified content. Powered by advanced digital experiences (DX), the platform will enrich players’ daily lives and engage all generations to pursue lifestyle and culture.

According to the team, Avatar will play a vital role in the player’s enhanced metaverse experience. As a ‘digital persona,’ it will replace the player in the virtual world. The customers will be able to record and share their daily experiences with other players in the metaverse and Web2 social media.

Furthermore, the company aims to utilize Web3 technology. In the Web3 era, blockchain and metaverse became more integral as many projects such as Decentraland, Sandbox, and others eventually encouraged the blockchain’s mass adoption. The Web3 industry is growing incredibly fast. As the decentralized network ecosystem evolves, Carrieverse aims to become a universal platform where users can create and simulate their avatars to interact, socialize, and consume digital content, including e-learning, games, gardening, and fishing. They can earn tokens or create their content and monetize. The company will offer a transparent structure for digital asset ownership to ensure users’ safety and security.

Overall, Carrieverse has a lot to recommend it. This game seems fun, and behind it stands an experienced team. Besides, its native token is very high-ranking.

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