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Aurora Klay Offers Its Hot Token ARA. What About W3T?

Web3 Task Is Still Trending. Why's That? 

Aurora Klay Offers Its Hot Token ARA. What About W3T?


Aurora Klay is a real economy-type project that attracted investors’ attention recently. This platform enables customers to receive discounts when using small business partners. However, users must hold “AuroryNFT” to get benefits. They will also need to mine the project’s native tokens when participating in NFT staking within this platform.

The team launched the ARA token’s ICO sale on January 26, 2023. It will end on February 2, 2023. The total supply of tokens is 100,000,000, but only some percentage is available at this stage. According to tokenomics, the team will receive 12% of the token supply, while 13% will go to reserve (IEO). The company set aside 19% for partners and 5% for advisers. 51% is for the ecosystem, as well.

As a next-generation blockchain-integrated distributor, the Aurora Klay project activates membership, payment functions, and mining. It will use irreplaceable NFT characteristics. Moreover, the company will build a network of small business partners. As a result, NFT holders will have an opportunity to enjoy real benefits.

The team currently focuses on securing various features such as mobile games, governance, and internet shopping malls. It wants to promote market expansion through product development. The platform will use character intellectual property (IP) and various content development and partner collaborations to achieve this goal.

Aurora Klay aims to solve imbalance and trust issues. To that end, it will implement a transparent ecosystem based on smart contracts. The latter is absolutely secure; it cannot be forged or tampered with. In addition, the company will establish marketing strategies. It plans to record and store customer consumption activities in a blockchain. The team has built its platform and ARA token on Klaytn. GroundX Corporation is operating this global public blockchain.


Web3 Task Is Still Trending. Why’s That?

Web3 Task is a cryptocurrency-based Freelance Marketplace. The team has created it specifically for Web 3.0 services. The platform launched its token’s pre-sale on January 1, 2023. It will end on February 28, 2023. The project’s native utility token, W3T, is high-ranked on various ICO listing platforms. Its total supply is 300000000. The company accepts ETH, BTC, USD, BNB, USDC, and USDT in exchange for its native tokens.

This marketplace aims to help employers and freelancers make deals with cryptocurrency payments. The company also wants to solve the current transaction problem between freelancers and buyers in a traditional marketplace. The project will support a range of popular tokens on BNB Chain and Ethereum blockchains, including its own native token. It will also ensure fast, the efficient settlement between freelancers and customers anywhere around the world.

Furthermore, the platform’s users will enjoy many extra benefits if they make a deal with the W3T tokens. That includes more security, lower transaction fees, and faster settlements. The company aims to add new, more advanced features to the platform. These tools will make Web3 Task even more convenient and user-friendly for customers. The team believes that Web3 Task will soon become a favorite as it provides the best way to go for anyone looking to hire or be hired for various web 3.0 services.


Aurora Klay Offers Its Hot Token ARA. What About W3T?


What Problems Does The Company Aim To Solve?

The Web3 Task team noted that traditional marketplaces currently need help with many problems. For instance, the existing marketplaces deduct very high commissions from the funds earned by the sellers. Sometimes, this commission fee is as high as 15-25%. And don’t forget about the scarcity of payment gateways for sellers and buyers. In most cases, marketplaces offer 1-3 payment gateways to withdraw the money earned by the seller. However, those gateways are not supported worldwide. Moreover, popular traditional marketplaces do not support cryptocurrency payment, even though digital coins are already very popular mediums of transaction.

Web3 Task aims to offer solutions to all of these problems. It will not take any fees from the buyer and seller when they make a deal through the W3T tokens. Even when customers use other payment methods, they will only have to pay a very low fee of up to 5%.

Besides, this marketplace will allow users to pay in many more fiat and cryptocurrencies, including the W3T tokens. Since W3T is a cryptocurrency, it will be listed on decentralized and centralized exchanges. As a result, people from all around the globe can access this marketplace easily. According to the company, the easy access to the marketplace and low fees will make W3T an attractive option for buyers and sellers, especially if they are looking for a safe and convenient way to make deals.

Furthermore, the company aims to become the best crypto-based marketplace in the whole Web 3.0 industry. Users can do any work related to Web3 on its platform, including blockchain development services, cryptocurrency, NFT, Defi, marketing, etc.

This freelance marketplace will be easy to access anytime worldwide. Together, the team and community members will build a sustainable web 3.0 services marketplace. The company wants to create a safe and secure environment for its users. To that end, it will allow only reputable and verified service providers on its platform.


What About The Web3 Task’s Other Benefits?

The team claims that its marketplace and the W3T token will have many benefits. Freelancers, outsourcing buyers, and community members will enjoy the platform’s advantages, including its passive income. For investors, this project will provide a convenient and cost-effective way to source quality employees for their projects. For freelancers, it will provide a range of interesting and challenging tasks to choose from. In addition, this platform will give them the opportunity to earn passive income through its native token. Meanwhile, community members will get a valuable service that will help to grow and sustain the Web3 ecosystem.

Anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to order the platform’s services. They can also hire freelancers to work on their Web 3.0 or blockchain-related projects. However, if they choose the latter, they can order the service with a zero service fee. But only if customers will pay in W3T tokens. Buyers holding a W3T token will get a share of the 2% of the 3% tax fee on the platform’s transactions.


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