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China risking worldhealth

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China risking worldhealth

Up until early December 2022, the relevant government authorities in China were telling the world that China had zero cases of Covid-19. None at all, they were saying. Well, please forgive my scepticism, but that was being optimistic by anyone’s standards. We will examine why this “zero cases” of Covid-19 was never likely to have been true. But for now, let’s just say that this was what President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had decreed, so therefore it had to be so. Now when we look at Chinese reporting about Covid-19, we must also bear in mind that this is the same China which gave the rest of the world Covid-19 in the first place. And back then, they were coy and hardly willing to share anything with an unsuspecting world. Unfortunately, it would appear that little has changed.
Let us remind ourselves what occurred back then. Towards the end of that fateful year of 2019, the central city of Wuhan carved its name into the history books as being the place where Covid-19 first broke out. By now, some three years later, we should all know lots of information about Covid-19’s origins. But alas, we really don’t.

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