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The Halftime Show: Defense and Value on the Move

In this week's edition of StockCharts TV's Halftime, Pete reviews the US Dollar in relation to the Emerging Market ETF (EEM), then takes look at WTIC crude and the US Dollar. Pete gives a quick take on growth retreating from leadership and value taking the lead as he reviews the Mega-cap growth/Mega-cap value ratios chart. The defensive sector versus the offense sectors looks to be telling a story of rotation from growth as well. Pete also looks at the Brazilian ETFs EWZ and EWZS, and, to close the show, reviews some oversold buy ratings from the Chaikin system.

This video originally premiered on July 17, 2023. Click on the above image to watch on our dedicated Halftime by Chaikin Analytics page on StockCharts TV, or click this link to watch on YouTube.

You can view all previously recorded episodes of Halftime by Chaikin Analytics with Pete Carmasino at this link.

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